549710_556263241060575_372397234_nHampton UMC is an excited and energized faith community. We are learning to be a responsive community, as well. God has blessed us. Our community’s prayer is to be transformed, by God’s grace, into a community that exists in response to those blessings. The fruit gathered amongst us is not meant to be stored within the walls of our sanctuary; that fruit is meant for others who still hunger to know God’s love. Responsiveness is not an action, but a way of life. Hampton UMC would like to invite you to be a part of our energized, excited, and responsive community.

Like a tree, a church that sits on solid ground has deep roots, and a strong core that will grow for another season and offer new fruit. Join Hampton UMC as our faith community moves into a new season of growth so that new fruit may be produced for people who hunger to¬† know God’s love.

  • Hampton United Methodist Church
  • 204 Elm Street / PO Box 45
  • Hampton
  • SC, 29924
  • 803-943-2222
  • 803-943-9102
  • hamptonumc@gmail.com
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Office Hours

Monday - Thursday 9:00 am - 1:00 pm